Cooking is something that I definitely love to do, you could call it a hobby but also a passion. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed about becoming a chef and when I went to college I tried to put that dream in motion – unfortunately I can’t find…

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HIT or MISS: Television Edition


Admit it once you get a Netflix account there’s no turning back and the same goes for your time: there’s no getting it back. The first 2 months are the best because it seems like the stream of shows and movies never end, but trust me they do…


Forgiveness and Mending a Broken Relationship


This is my first attempt at writing again since 3 months ago. Why has it been so long? I could blame writers block, or even sheer laziness. Perhaps it was the old school excuse of being busy? Nope? I sense that my attempts of getting out of this predicament aren…


Why am I an actor?


“Why are you an actor?”Was one question that I wasn’t quite sure how to answer if it were to be asked to me on the spot. Weird right? I should be able to answer this quite easily since I’ve been in showbiz since I was 11!! It…