Maybe it’s the weather?


Currently there are so many things going on in my head but I can’t seem to form them into pretty little sentences. Maybe because the thoughts itself aren’t so pretty. Now, my head hurts again. Maybe it’ll help if I write down all my current feelings? Sad…


Personal Guide: Dealing with a long distance relationship (LDR)


long-dis·tance re·la·tion·shipnouna romantic relationship between two people who live far apart and so are unable to meet on a frequent basis.Ever thought you would be in this kind of situation or set up? I sure didn’t, but apparently this is my…

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Nahm – 5th Best Restaurant in Asia (2017)


Every time I travel to a new destination here in Asia I tend to look for restaurants that are part of the World’s 50 Best within the category of Asia. It all started when Robbie and I were lucky enough to land a table at Burnt Ends in Singapore…


Easy Keto Breakfast Cups


For the past few weeks I’ve been trying out something new for my weight loss journey, it’s called the Keto Diet. You’ve probably heard of this before and just like me I thought this diet plan was too good to be true. I mean, who eats cheese…

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Women’s Journey Thailand: BANGKOK


Why women?Why Thailand?These were some of the questions that were asked during the opening dinner of the Women’s Journey Thailand hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand held last August 1 to 5 in Bangkok. Saab and I were invited to join other girls from Asia to…