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Afternoon Tea Session


The Holidays in Metro Manila can get pretty crazy, especially if you’re finishing up your shopping, attending Christmas parties and doing daily activities. Because of the Holidays, traffic has been at an all time high; in short it’s pretty much hell on the road. Which is why I…


An afternoon at Nine Cups

Some afternoons are best spent drinking coffee and appreciating art, which is exactly what I did at Nine Cups in Ortigas a few weeks ago. The partners of the newest coffee shop in town invited us to spend an entire afternoon with them, where they taught us how to appreciate…

Drink, Food

Lo De Alberto: Authentic Taqueria

My boyfriend Robbie recently introduced me to a new restaurant here in Metro Manila called Lo De Alberto and we have been obsessed with it since the first time we tried it because of their delicious food and relaxing ambiance. Robbie and I  have been back so many times already…