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Why am I an actor?


“Why are you an actor?”Was one question that I wasn’t quite sure how to answer if it were to be asked to me on the spot. Weird right? I should be able to answer this quite easily since I’ve been in showbiz since I was 11!! It…

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BTS: MTV Music Evolution

A couple of months ago I did a hosting stint for MTV Asia and the experience was so surreal. Here’s some BTS footage from that day.Please don’t mind the thumbnail, I’m still trying to figure out the ways of YouTube! If you have any tips, leave…


Sandbox No Filter: Book Signing!

Before the millennial, there has never been a generation whose experiences, history, and culture have been so documented and scrutinized. Millennials have been called lazy and privileged, but also smart and creative. What else is there to say about them?The Sandbox Collective invites you to the launch of NO…



Last year I was invited to join a play by The Sandbox Collective called #NoFilter, I basically got a call from our director Toff asking me if I was willing to work on something, which during that time was just an idea. I usually don’t accept any work until…

Cinematography, Stronghold MNL, Work

Stronghold MNL wants you to join us!

Stronghold MNL is a production company that I have been working with for the past 6 months, we are a one stop media shop that offers Web, Video, Photo and Graphics. I’m under the video department and have done various projects with them already like music videos, AVP’s…