Maine Manalansan took up BS Management in De La Salle University Manila, she is currently a freelance graphic designer which means she spends more time organizing her calendar than doing actual work. Haha, kidding! Maine makes art for various publications like Esquire, Chalk and Plant Magazine but dedicates her heart to Young STAR where she is an art director.
: “As an art director, I dictate the look and feel of a publication. What I love the most about it is I get to work with different talented kids and we get to experiment with art that will help tell the stories better.”

So how exactly did she get into this line of work?




“It’s by accident actually. When I was 17 and in my sophomore year in college, I started an online magazine called Stache. I did the layout of the magazine for over three years and I learned a lot about design because of that. And then everything kind of snowballed from there. Right after college, I worked for Rags2Riches as a freelance layout artist and then after that, Young STAR picked me up. It was on a random Wednesday when our former editor asked me to make a collage, being the resident Photoshop girl at the office. Then I fell in love with making collages and I’ve been making art since then.”2SamLee


“Start as early as you can. Once you realize that you want to do art, don’t let anything stop you –– not even school.
I know that education is important but experience and experimentation is necessary in being better. There are just some things that you can’t learn in school and art is one of them. You can read about lines, spaces, and colors but you won’t improve if you just keep reading it. So just create. Plus, I get to meet a lot of people and work with talented individuals! That’s easily the best part. I love the collaboration that happens and the output we make. It’s always different each
3“When I make collages, my creative process only involves four steps: collect images, stare at the screen, lay out the photos and do finishing touches. I’ve been doing it for almost two years now so I kind of have a formula in mind already. But when it comes to art directing, it takes a lot longer. I have to spend weeks collecting pegs, watching movies, listening to music, etc. Anything that will help me get into the feel of what I’m about to do. Once I feel comfortable, then I start assigning and making art.”




Maine Manalansan




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  1. Mari Carl Tanaleon Aso

    So wonderful. I also want to be an artist someday. I’ll keep this in mind. Its so inspiring.

    11 . 11 . 2016

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