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Nahm – 5th Best Restaurant in Asia (2017)


Every time I travel to a new destination here in Asia I tend to look for restaurants that are part of the World’s 50 Best within the category of Asia. It all started when Robbie and I were lucky enough to land a table at Burnt Ends in Singapore (which is number 10 in Asia), without making a reservation, we simply walked in and as fate had it there was a table available for us in the next 20 minutes. After our dinner there I was suddenly obsessed with this new list that I discovered that I’ve made it my mission to eat and experience as many restaurants on there as I can. Lucky for me it’s quite easy and sometimes cheap to fly around Asia, that this new thing of mine doesn’t seem THAT impossible, so if you want to try a restaurant from this list thats near you we actually house the 35th Best Restaurant in Asia – Gallery Vask.

Moving on to the star of this post – Nahm. Nahm is the 5th Best Restaurant in Asia for 2017 and it’s currently situated in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Pineapple with Minced Pork and Peanuts

Straight from the Philippines, when Saab and I landed we headed straight to our hotel, the Como Metropolitan where this fine restaurant (and one of my favorites to date) is located!

Pork and Lobster with Shredded Ginger and Thai Citron
Grilled Corn and Prawn Salad with Lemongrass and Wild Almonds

The staff of the Tourism Authority of Thailand gave us the option to have room service and get some quick nap time in or to experience a meal in Nahm. Saab and I really wanted to make the most out of our trip to Bangkok, plus with my new obsession over this list we decided to have late lunch in Nahm. Because, why not right?

Stir-fried Cured Pork with Tomato and Fiddlehead Ferns
Coconut and Turmeric Curry of Blue Swimmer Crab with Banana Blossoms and Asian Pennywort

Saab and I were actually really lucky that the staff here were really nice, because they were a few minutes away from closing but they still chose to accommodate us! If by any chance you see yourself dining in Nahm, I highly suggest you try the Curry of Blue Swimmer Crab and Pork and Lobster with Shredded Ginger and Thai Citron. The meals here are made for sharing so you’ll be able to have a taste of everything if you go with a big group but you can also choose to get their set menus for a very reasonable price. Eating in Nahm was a great way to kick off our trip in Bangkok and I’m really happy that I got to share this moment with my best friend and check another top restaurant off of my list.


COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, 27 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek Sathorn, Bangkok 10120


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