Singapore 2017: Flight Rant, Lau Pa Sat, Queensway and Haji Lane


Hiya friends! It’s a sunny Saturday morning here in Manila and I woke up on the right side of the bed which means I’m the mood to write. LOL. It’s been officially a week since my trip to Singapore with Robbie and although this is our 3rd time there together, this trip has got to be one of the best ones yet. Not only did we get to watch Coldplay but we were able to get a table at the 10th best restaurant in ASIA and the 53rd in the WORLD according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. CRAZY!!!! Btw apologizing in advance for my low quality photos – I forgot my camera and only had my iPhone on me!

Bye Manila!!!

Our trip started out a bit rocky mainly because we were both cranky because of lack of sleep. I ended taping at 6am and had to rush home to finalize packing my things and leave my house by 9am for the airport, the whole trip I was running on an hour of sleep. It also didn’t help that the person I was sitting beside on the plane brought a ton of KFC to eat and thats all I could smell on the plane (isn’t there a rule against bringing food? I’m not sure) plus every time I would play Candy Crush I could feel her watching me and judging me as I made the wrong move. Sobrang na stress ako kasi natatalo ako!!! She even watched an entire episode of Chefs Table with Robbie and I. I really don’t get it, some people just don’t know what personal space is, I guess? Infairness naman, I didn’t wanna be rude so I would just twist my phone and body away, sana nakuha nalang siya sa body language ko. OKAY this whole paragraph was a rant. I’m so sorry, but that was the only annoying thing about our trip! So back to the fun stuff!!!

Lau(ren) Pa Sat
Chili Crab!!!

Once we landed we booked an uber to meet up with Robbie’s family at this place called Lau Pa Sat, which is basically a street that they close down at night but if you wanna try the stalls there they are open 24 hours at 18 Raffles Quay! They serve chili crab, satay, fish fried rice, cereal prawns and a bunch of local dishes! It’s quiet, food is cheap and fast and it was the perfect way to start our trip! After dinner we headed home to FINALLY get some rest and to prepare for the next day.

Gabby, me and Robbie

For our 2nd day in Singapore, Robbie and I met up with our friend Gabby to go around. We checked out Queensway for shoes and the best Laksa ever!!! They loved Queensway cause the place has so many cheap stores for sports stuff, shoes plus its right across IKEA, which my inner Tita loved <3 After Queensway, we headed to Orchard and checked out H&M and basically all the other stores you can find in Manila, the prices are basically the same but sometimes you can find cute things on sale! Next stop my favorite place in Singapore: Haji Lane!!! I keep coming back here cause the shops are so unique, the have cute bars and beautiful art spread across the buildings – it actually reminds me a bit of Cubao X with a splash of Poblacion. We looked around a bit and decided to rest our feet and indulge in some happy hour, lah!

Gabby and Robbie
Photo by Gabby

We walked so much that day that halfway through the day we already had more than 10,000 steps each! I love how everything is so convenient to get to, whether you’re taking the train, the bus or walking around. This is why I keep coming back to Singapore. So that was basically day 1 and 2 of our Singapore trip! Next post will be about Burnt Ends, Coldplay and Potato Head Folk!!




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