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Women’s Journey Thailand: BANGKOK


Why women?

Why Thailand?

These were some of the questions that were asked during the opening dinner of the Women’s Journey Thailand hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand held last August 1 to 5 in Bangkok. Saab and I were invited to join other girls from Asia to explore the beauty and culture of this booming country. I’ve been to Thailand before, once when I was 15 and again when I was 23 last May. Both times were very different from my recent trip there this August because this time I was lucky enough to experience the luxurious side of Thailand. Days 1 and 2 were spent in Bangkok, a city that reminds me so much of Manila because of the traffic, the intense heat on my skin and the people rushing to get to their next destination. Yet, inside this busy city remains hidden gems that once you step inside you are hit with the calm breeze of the trees, the quiet and stillness of the air, that you forget that you are actually standing in the middle of a busy city. This is what I love about Bangkok – you get both sides – the calm and the storm.

A busy street market in Siam
The entrance to one of the houses in Nai Lert Park Heritage Home

Why Women? Why Thailand? 

First of all Thailand is a beautiful country full of so much character, every corner you turn holds something different for you depending on what you want to experience, whether its shopping, food, night life, cultural heritage or even architecture, Thailand has it. Why women? Honestly, why not? They explained to us that women play a big role in Thailand and that this country takes pride in their women for contributing to their society and culture, and this is something that they want to showcase to the world.

The bestest girl ever, Saab!

Once Saab and I arrived in Bangkok we did what any millennial would do – rent pocket wifi. If you are traveling I highly recommend that you just order your device via online and you can just pay via credit card/cash, pick it up at the airport and drop it off when you are about to leave. For the 5 days that we were there we only spent 1000 Baht. What a steal right!! We then proceeded to our hotel for the next 2 days: The Como Metropolitan which houses the Number 5th Best Restaurant in Asia – Nahm – according to The Worlds 50 Best. 

Mouth watering dishes from Nahm
Sitting area in my room @ COMO Metropolitan
1 King Sized bed all to myself, please? TY

Once we filled our tummies with delicious Thai food we got ready for the opening dinner of the Women’s Journey Thailand 2017 where we were able to meet bloggers, photographers and designers from all over the world and we even ran into some familiar faces from the Philippines! I really enjoyed that night because for someone like me who isn’t so social, I was really forced to step out of my comfort zone and try to converse with people that I was meeting for the first time from different backgrounds and parts of the world. Tip: Don’t be shy! If I was shy that night then I would have missed out on making amazing friends!  And thats how we ended our first day in Bangkok.

Made a new friend from Singapore, Jing!
Tim Yap was also in Bangkok for a show.

Day 2 was much more tiring than the first, mainly because we had a whole day filled with various activities. To kick off our day we headed to Nai Lert Park Heritage Home for a talk with Luc Citrinot who is a French national, he has done research in Asian architecture for 20 years, a fashion show by  Thai designer, Sarran Youkongdee, a wellness workshop hosted by Divina – a nuture spa from Bangkok ending with a delicious lunch by the first Top Chef in Thailand, Chef Tam Chudaree Debhakam.

Dress and accessories by Thai designer, Sarran Youkongdee
We made our own personalized body scrub with Divina
Delicious salted egg dish by Chef Tam Chudaree Debhakam

After our cultural experience and delicious lunch in Nai Lert Park we then headed down to Siam for some shopping!! The malls there pretty much reminded me of our shopping malls here in the Philippines, since they had 4 different malls right beside each other, all ranging from low end to high end. Saab and I, along with the other bloggers checked out Siam Discovery – a high end mall full of designer brands. We just drooled over Comme des Garçons and Alexander Wang the whole time there. After our time in the mall we all headed downtown to the 19th Best Restaurant in Asia – Bo.Lan and since it was rush hour we got to experience their MRT system, which I was very impressed with and quite frankly, jealous of. After a delicious meal at Bo.Lan we headed back to our hotel to freshen up, Saab and I really wanted to make the most out of our trip and since we had some friends in the area we all met up for quick drinks at a bar near us to end our 2 days in Bangkok.

Shopping in Siam DIscovery with Saab, we really should’ve bought these headbands!!!
Dinner at Bo.lan
Minced meat in a curry sauce from Bo.lan – one of my favorite dishes that night

As you can see we didn’t really have a lot of time yet we were able to fit so much into the 2 days that we were there. It really does help to have an itinerary to strictly stick with and a best friend who’s game to do anything but also gets ready super quick! Overall, Bangkok is a busy city with hidden quiet spots for those who want to experience both sides. Watch out for my next posts about Pattaya and all the restaurants here, I’ll be writing separate ones!

Thank you so much to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for inviting us!


Lauren Young



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